After vacationing on 30a and along the panhandle for years, Kelli felt as though something was missing…. A YOGA scene! So in 2006 Kelli opened Balance Health Studio with the intention of offering YOGA and also providing a place where health and fitness could become a lifestyle.

With her 20 years of experience working in the health and fitness industry, as a personal trainer, certified Spinning instructor, U.S. Olympic athlete (1996 Field Hockey) and YOGA instructor, she decided to begin offering a full array of fitness options at Balance to help make health and fitness part of everyones daily lifestyle. Options include: Spinning, core fitness, bootcamps, and personal training.

As part of her vision of growing the yoga community on 30a, she also created one of the panhandles only Yoga Teacher Training programs. Yoga is more than just a physical practice for Kelli; she translates yoga philosophy into a lifestyle, with a special emphasis on daily gratitude. Since establishing Balance as an official teaching school (Yoga Alliance certified), Kelli has been able to expand her teachings and help develop amazing new Yoga teachers for the 30a area and beyond.

When you attend one of Kelli’s Vinyasa Yoga classes, you can be sure that you will sweat, stretch, and strengthen your body, while having fun moving and grooving to some funky music. She also empowers fitness students at Balance in her high energy Spinning and Core Fitness classes.

Dr. Bart

A healthcare practitioner since 1997, Dr. Bart came to 30a to offer his services full time in 2008.

Dr. Bart utilizes chiropractic, acupuncture, kinesiology, nutrition, dietary supplements, and multiple soft tissue techniques to help people get well and achieve their maximum potential. His goal is simple: do what it takes to help you live a healthy and comfortable life. With his broad range of experience in multiple healing arts, Dr. Bart will help facilitate your body in healing and improving itself as quickly as possible.

An avid Yogi, Dr. Bart teaches the anatomy, nutrition, and holistic health lessons in Balance Health Studio’s Yoga Teacher Training program. Along with his healthcare background, he has been involved in fitness and wellness work for years. Bart is also a noted public speaker, author, personal trainer, and fitness instructor.

Dr. Bart spends his personal time with his wife Kelli and their three bulldogs, Dr. Bob, George, and Daryl. He is a mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiast, and enjoys splitting up his workouts between yoga, MMA, and core training.