Dr. Bart’s 10/21 Day Cleanse
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat food on this Cleanse?
Yes! This is a Whole Food Cleanse. You will be making two whole food smoothies in addition to one meal per day. Snacks are allowed as needed. All foods should come from the approved food list.

Can I eat meat, chicken or fish during the Cleanse?
During days 1-10 we recommend no chicken, fish or meats; no animal proteins. This is to allow your digestive system to rest and begin to restore normal function. Chicken, eggs and fish are acceptable during days 11-21.

Do I have to take the supplements, can’t I just eat well?
The supplements are the key in restoring your digestive system and health back to normal. Your supplements will be providing specific support for your liver, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, gallbladder, lymph and blood.

Is it possible that I might get constipated during the Cleanse?
This is possible.. Do not panic and stray off course. This can happen if your gut flora is not very strong, or not used to digesting this volume of vegetables and fruits. If you experience this, or have a tendency towards constipation, add Magnesium Lactate (3) at night and/or Colax (2).

Will I lose weight on the Cleanse?
Everybody will have different results, yet almost always the answer is yes. If weight loss is your primary goal, we recommend the 21 day cleanse to give your body enough time to first recover from current inflamed state, and then detox.

Why do I feel tired?
Cleansing can be hard work on your body. It is common and expected that there will be a couple of days that you may be tired. Listen to your body and allow for some extra rest or downtime.

Why do I have brain fog?
This can be common in the first couple days as you start to cleanse out your body. As you regulate your blood sugar there are often moments of brain fog. Do not despair! This will pass.

How will I get enough protein if I can’t eat meats, etc?
You will add non-denatured whey or vegetable protein to all of your shakes. This will provide you with plenty of your daily protein requirements. This is often more of a mental challenge than a true nutritional issue.

Can I take my medications during the cleanse?
We do not recommend that you change any regular medication schedules. Please check with your prescribing doctor if you choose to make changes. All of your supplements are whole food supplements so typically will not interfere. Please consult your doctor with any questions.

Can I take my current supplements during the cleanse?
We recommend that you only use whole food supplements during your cleanse. All Standard Process supplements are approved. If you are not sure, look for the words whole food on your bottle. If the label does not read whole food, they are most likely synthetic and we suggest you no longer consume them.

Can I drink alcohol on the cleanse?

Is coffee allowed?
Yes, in limited amounts; 8oz of organic coffee before 8 am. No mid day coffee, try a big glass of water instead!

I’m starving what can I eat?
You can eat any food or combination of foods on your approved food list. Your cleanse experience is also about discovering new foods and preparations. Use this time to explore new foods and recipes. Often in the beginning you may think you are hungry after you just ate because you haven’t satisfied your carb or sugar craving. Watch this closely! This will serve as a lesson as each day goes on.

Do you have any recipes for food, shakes or snacks?
Yes! On the Cleanse Facebook page under Files there are multiple recipes. Explore as many different ones as possible.

What should I do when I’m done with my Cleanse?
Great question! Stay the course.. Continue eating real food as often as you can. Pay close attention to how you feel when you start putting sugar, carbs and processed food back in your diet. This Cleanse is about lifestyle, hopefully not just a couple of weeks.

What will I get with my Cleanse Kit?
You will be provided with all of the required whole food supplements, instructions, protein, GoStak pill cases, Dr. Bart shake bottle, beach tote, access to private Facebook Cleanse Group page with recipes and support, and a whole food approved shopping list. New this year to the Cleanse is a Whole Body Composition Measurement on our InBody machine, pre and post Cleanse!

I’m ready to commit. What’s next?
Great! Complete the Dr. Bart’s Cleanse Kit Reservation form, and plan to attend Dr. Bart’s LIVE talk on Tuesday, January 2 at 6pm, at Balance Health Studio (3547 E Co Hwy 30A).