Our personal training specializes in one on one training customized for your individual needs, wants and abilities. During your first session you will talk with your trainer about your personal goals ie; weight loss, time frames and commitment level. From there your trainer will create a program designed to meet your goals. Training programs may include a variety of different types of exercises and movements including core exercises, cardio, weight training, resistance training, yoga, stability and balance exercises and even pilates. Many of our clients include mommies getting back into shape, athletes improving their performance and people focused on getting healthier and moving better as they age.

Group Training

Group training is just what it sounds like, a group of people (2-6), having a customized workout program. Members of the group will work out together in a private setting. Your trainer will create a customized workout program for the group utilizing functional exercises, core training, balance and stability training, cardio, yoga and even pilates.

Personal Training Prices (One On One)

  • $85 per session
  • $1500 for 20 session package (Save $200)

Group Training Prices (More Than One Person)

  • $85 fee for first person
  • $15 fee for each additional person

Ex. 3 people training together:

  • $85 person 1
  • $15 person 2
  • $15 person 3
  • Total: $115 divided by 3 = $38.33 each per session

Ex. 2 people training together:

  • $85 person 1
  • $15 person 2
  • Total: $100 divided by 2= $50 each per session


frequently asked questions about balance personal training
Who Should Use A Personal Trainer? Anyone committed to results. Whether you are a beginner with experience, a world class athlete or recovering from an injury your exercise program will be customized to meet your goals. Accountability and consistency is the framework for results. Having a personal and professional “coach” will enhance your success. Do I Need To Be In Shape Before I Get Started? NO! In fact starting with a trainer has shown to limit failures and create better habits from the start. Being accountable from the start is one of the biggest reasons people seek personal trainers. What If I Have Physical Limitations? Anyone can use a personal trainer. If you do have physical limitations, old injuries, prior surgeries, limited movement etc, then having a personal, experienced and diversified trainer may be even more important. We encourage you to a least have a consult to see what type of program will work for you. Who Uses Group Training? Group training is a great fit for anyone who likes to workout with other people yet wants to do it in a private, goal orientated, fun environment. It is also a great way to have a personal trainer and splitting the costs without losing value. What If We Are At Different Fitness Levels? Even though you will be in a group setting your workout will be customized with modifications for everyone in the group. Members do not need to be all at the same fitness levels.