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This 10-day blood sugar balancing cleanse is the key to getting back on track. How do you know if your blood sugar is not in balance? Do you love your carbs? Crave sweets after meals? Sweet-tooth? These are some of the simple yet obvious ways to know you have a blood sugar imbalance. Often I here people say “I don’t eat sugar,” yet they love their carbs. Most have no idea that carbs are equivalent to simple sugar in regard to their effect on blood sugar levels. Do you snack throughout the day? Another sign your body is accustomed to running on short surges of sugar-induced energy.

A sure sign

You’re driving down the road with your spouse or friend and you’re thinking about getting some lunch soon because you’re hungry. Then within a few short moments you go from hungry to borderline psycho or what I call “HANGRY”. You need to eat right NOW or you might stab your friend’s eyes out. This emotional roller-coaster around food is technically NOT from hunger. It’s from a blood sugar imbalance, which is another way of saying a hormone imbalance.

Common symptoms of having imbalanced blood sugar levels:

• weight gain
• fatigue
• poor sleep
• irritability
• crave sweets/carbs
• hormone imbalances
• acne
• headaches
• difficulty losing weight
• digestive issues
• tired after eating
• brain fog
• crave sweets after meals

Unfortunately, sugar addictions (carbs included) are wreaking havoc on our country’s health. People (possibly you!) are flat out becoming addicted to sugar and carbs. Is there a problem with this? Heck yea… this all leads to diabetes. Along the way you collect other health challenges like hormone disturbances, weight gain, cholesterol issues, cardiovascular issues and the list goes on.

Are you safe? Are you addicted to sugar and carbs? It’s hard to say until you make the attempt to go without them for an extended period of time. It is estimated that by 2020 50% of all adults in our country will have diabetes or pre-diabetes! Is this a surprise? Not really. Statistics are currently showing that the average American consumes nearly 160 pounds of sugar per year. This is not even accounting for the impact that carbs have on our blood sugar levels.

Can you fix your blood sugar imbalance and save your health?

Yes! This is precisely what the 10-Day Cleanse is meant to do. For some it will be an amazing eye opener about how much they rely on sugar or simple carbs to get through the day. For others this will be exactly what you need to lose the extra weight, reduce the pain in your joints, and start regaining some energy. Does this fix your blood sugar levels permanently? Don’t we all wish. However, ten days is a perfect amount of time to notice significant benefits, lose some weight, build healthy habits, and start feeling great. In fact many people find that these 10 days are enough to create sustainable changes. This is NOT a yo-yo diet plan or starvation fast. This is a specific style of eating… and its simple. Whole foods and whole food supplements and herbs designed specifically to help your body rid the need for sugar. Support the proper organs i.e.: pancreas/liver and remove toxins.

Typical benefits include:

• more energy
• weight loss
• better mood
• improved sleep
• reduced joint pain
• clear thinking
• boosted immune system

Sugar and your immune system

One of the most overlooked and understated detriments to sugar intake is its negative impact on your immune system. Sugar (glucose) competes with vitamin C to be absorbed into the cell. So the more sugar that is available to the cell, the less vitamin C is absorbed, thereby reducing your ability to defend yourself for immunity.** **For every 100 grams of sugar consumed, your immune system (cell mediated immunity) is reduced by 50% for 2 hours! **
Sugar is everywhere!

Coca Cola 20oz.= 65grams , 16 teaspoons
Mountain dew 20oz. = 77grams, 19 teaspoons
Motts apple sauce 1 cup = 25grams, 6 teaspoons
Yoplait original yogurt “fat free” = 31grams, 8 teaspoons
Vitamin Water 20oz = 33grams, 8 teaspoons
Minute Maid orange juice 16oz = 48grams, 12 teaspoons
Pop Tart (1) = 17grams, 4 teaspoons
Cinnamon Roll = 55grams, 14 teaspoons
(1-teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to 1 sugar cube or packet)

What does the 10-Day blood sugar balancing cleanse consist of?

Dr. Bart’s 10-Day cleanse has three main components to it:

1. Eating whole foods. A shopping list of approved foods will be provided.
2. Daily regimen of supplements that assist in the release of toxins, reduce appetite, reduce desire for sugar, and support pancreatic and liver function.
3. Avoiding processed foods, sugars, alcohol, and stimulants. (If it’s not on the approved food list, it should be avoided).

This cleanse is NOT a starvation diet. You are allowed and encouraged to eat as much as you need throughout the ten days. All of your foods will come from the approved food list. There are no meats, fish, dairy, or eggs during this ten day cleanse. If you choose to stay on the cleanse for 21 days, additional food groups are allowed. Please inquire with staff.

A typical day may include making a shake for breakfast with supplements, salad for lunch with supplements and shake or salad for dinner with supplements.
We encourage all participants to keep a daily food journal noting what was consumed, how you felt physically, and what emotions came up.

Health investment for all supplements included in 10-day cleanse – $249

All products and information can be picked up at Balance Health Studio or can be mailed to you.

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