Live long and live strong!

Imagine for a moment that you were invincible. That no matter what you did, you could heal from it. For example, imagine that when you were young you jumped out of a tree and broke your leg… and wham! your body heals. Or maybe you put your finger in fire and burnt your finger, and again, your body healed itself. Or you pollute your body with poisons like processed foods, drugs, and alcohol and still… your body survives and heals. Are you lucky? Is it genetics? A miracle? Truth is you are a healing machine! And it’s actually very difficult to get sick.

Our health care system has taught you to believe that things happen to you; that you “catch” a cold or have hormonal imbalances because of something outside of your control. Then, of course you would need them to fix you. You get run down, stressed, eat like crap, and expect your body never to retaliate? Really?  In reality we are at fault. And this is a good thing, because it means we have the power to do something about it. We are not victims that can only be saved by drugs and frequent doctor visits.

Think about what you have put your body through over the course of your life. The physical, mental, and chemical stresses and yet here you are. Still kicking. And why? Because, your body is designed to heal. It uses a very intelligent and predictable method to determine how fast and how well you will heal.

The following are the 3 laws of healing that your body uses every day. From a cut on your finger to healing from cancer, the process and the laws are the same.

Learn these, live by these and you will live long and strong!

3 Laws of Healing

Law of Cellular Replacement: this law states that in order for the body to heal it must replace the cells that are damaged or mutated to become healthy again. For example, if you bruise your arm you have damaged cells. Your body will be healed from that bruise when all of the damaged cells have gone away and new healthy cells have replaced them. Fortunately you body naturally kproduces over 1million red blood cells per second! That means healing can happen quickly if we let it. Usually once I explain this to patients the first question I get is “how long will it take to get better” and that answer depends on laws #2 and #3.

Law of Time: this healing law states that all healing takes time. How much time? Whatever time that it takes to completely replace the damaged or mutated cells. Although we cannot rush healing we certainly can assist it. Often we get in the way because our lifestyle (or attitude) doesn’t allow for “time” to heal.  I’ve got news for you… your body doesn’t care about your busy lifestyle, it cares about healing. That’s why it slows you down. Ignoring this law only extends your down time.

Law of Supply and Demand: probably the least understood law of the three, and yet, maybe the most important. Also the one you can have the biggest impact on.  The law of supply and demand will determine how much time it takes to heal and the quality and frequency of how the cells are replaced. This law states that your body will heal accordingly to the supply and demand of healthy options for your body. For example if you are trying to heal from a cold. What you supply your body with for fuel (food) will determine the quality of cells that are newly created to replace the sick cells. If you provide poor fuel (food) ie: alcohol, processed foods. Then you will produce poor quality cells and healing will take longer. Remember you are what you eat, literally: You will produce cells only to the quality of food you put in your body. This law also takes into consideration things like stress, physical activity, and diet. When you supply yourself with good nutrition, a sound mind, and plenty of rest, you heal faster.

Healing is not hard, but what can be hard is listening to your body. And it’s only hard because you may not have much practice at it. Pay attention to your body, apply these laws daily and live long and strong!