Over the past 20 years I’ve seen a lot of ideas, diets, workout plans, and even scams when it comes to weight loss. In reality, weight loss is not complicated. Unfortunately there are some that would like you to believe that it is. They would like you to believe that there is nothing YOU can do about it—Unless of course, you use their magical procedures, products, and pills.

This article isn’t about a magic diet or workout plan; just some simple truths about weight loss. Apply or ignore these rules and your results will be predictable.

TRUTH #1- Sugar, not fats, will make you fat.

Not just sugar, but any foods that acts like sugar. That means all of your simple carbohydrates: Alcohol, pasta, breads, cereals, and processed foods to name a few. Yes I said it—Alcohol! What makes you gain weight is the way your body digests simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs (sugars) increase your blood sugar level, which makes your body produce more insulin. Insulin is a hormone that shuts off fat metabolism and promotes fat storage! And if that’s not bad enough, it also makes you hungry shortly after you eat. Sugars, simple carbs, and sugar-like foods i.e. artificial sweeteners, play a mean trick on your metabolism and wreak havoc on your weight loss goals.

Tip: eat a diet rich in veggies, fruits, and lean meats. Try hard-boiled eggs for a snack instead of carbs.

TRUTH #2- You have to move it to lose it.

Do you exercise? Hopefully your answer is yes, or your weight loss program and overall health will suffer. With the typical sedentary lifestyle that most people have, exercise has become a necessity not an option. Of course, that’s only if you want to be healthy and achieve your ideal weight. The truth is that the human body is designed to move. When we exercise we increase our metabolism. Our metabolism ultimately burns fat. So get your butt moving! Exercise 5-6 times per week for 30min or more. Exercise means that you elevate your heart rate. Exercise does not mean you have to thrash your body trying to lift a house or run a marathon. It can be as easy as a brisk walk on the beach, a yoga class, or even a bike ride. Do your best to mix it up. Include some cardio, some strength training, and some flexibility exercises. Find something you enjoy so it’s easy to continue.

TRUTH #3- It’s mostly your attitude.

This one usually hits home. Your attitude will determine your actions in life (especially when it comes to diet and exercise). If you are wondering what your attitude is, look at your life, specifically your health and weight. Your current health is based on a long series of decisions that you made, which reflect your attitude. We all have our excuses. “It’s too hot, too cold, too late, too early, too hard, etc.” These all reflect your attitude. If your attitude is that it’s “too hard to eat healthy,” then you won’t. If you’re “too busy to exercise,” then you won’t.  So change your attitude; there are an infinite number of excuses to not diet and exercise, but none of them are as valid as your reason to diet and exercise: YOUR HEALTH. I don’t put it this way to scold you, but rather to motivate you! Put a value on your health. Think about how many hours you may sit in front of the TV or at your computer reading Facebook. Are they really more important? Change your attitude and you will easily change your body and your health.

On average, most experts agree that a weight loss program should aim for a 1-2 lb loss per week. Making exercise and healthy eating habits a part of your lifestyle will ensure long-term results.